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  1. Responsibilities: 1. Responsible to develop partnership strategy and identifying new partnership opportunities related to business needs 2. Responsible for acquiring new strategic partnership, coordinating activities on both companies on onboarding phase, and maintaining the relationship. 3. Establish and develop partnership team to acquiring each type of partnership 4. Provide strategic direction, establish and implement short- and long-range goals, objectives for KP’s partnership funnel on all potential-relevant channels 5. Set a standard procedure for partnership activities including develop a standard document and procedure related to legal aspects 6. Maintain team members activities on a day-to-day basis, solving any problem that arises, and make sure everyone is on track with goals and objectives. 7. Supervise and directly handling strategic partnership initiatives that are substantial and has prominent impact to the company in all aspects of deal execution 8. Collaborate with relevant teams to ensure all stakeholders are taking new partners into account, and ensure a smooth onboarding process. 9. Managing each team members performance including track and give direction for each team’s individual Key Requirements 1. Min. 2 years of experience, All majors are welcome to apply 2. Expertise Healthcare related industry or B2B 3. Mastering Miscrosoft Office is a must
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