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  1. Responsibilities: 1. Validated experience in critically assessing new opportunities through partner-customer pain point identification, value proposition development and client sales pipeline identification 2. Ability to develop robust financial models (including pricing approaches) for new business products & services to ensure the commercial viability of new products & services 3. Ability to synthesize findings and summarize a broad range of data inputs (e.g. industry & market trends, competitor dynamics, healthcare infrastructure ecosystem and current events) into frameworks that enable clear communication of data and insights 4. Ability to source potential ecosystem partners for projects, market scanning & competitor analysis, and creation 5. Ability to manage partner relationship strategies, working with the legal, operation, medical, sales, partnership and finance on commercial agreements and negotiations 6. Experience in bringing project proposals to gain alignment with internal stakeholders 7. Proven track record of driving collaboration and stakeholder engagement across business functions. 8. Ability to prioritize tasks, work with schedules, manage resources while focusing on team goals 9. Proactive in approach, self-starter and requires minimum supervision 10. Ability to work with cross functional teams Requirements: 1. Min. 1 year of experience 2. Bachelor's degree majoring from Management/Economy from top universities 3. Deep knowledge in Pricing, Business Modelling, Feasibility Study, Business Plan 4. Mastering Excel Financial Modelling & Strategic Planning Tools is a must
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