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  1. Responsibilities 1. Effectively communicate and partner with internal and external stakeholders to gain agreement on business objectives and the action plan to achieve them 2. Demonstrate a strategic approach to achieve business objectives by asking strategic questions, aligning resources, developing an action plan, and evaluating action plan results 3. Analytics: Maintain sales data sources and tools, and applies this expertise to deliver high quality data and actionable insights to achieve business objectives. 4. Experience with dashboard creation, sales reporting, targeting, and business planning are strongly desired. 5. Consistently implements all operations protocols, procedures, and standards in a timely manner to the team’s performance, actively collaborate within and beyond the team to design and ensure buy-in around solutions 6. Work with internal and external stakeholder to manage flow of document related to agreement, process, and sales kit Requirement & Qualifications: 1. Degree in Business / Marketing / or related discipline. 2. Minimum of 3 years indirect selling experience and dealing with reseller in the industry specially HR Software, HR Module 3. Proven track record in Customer Relationship Management dealing with senior internal / external management. 4. Experience in Channel Management and Distribution. 5. Solid business and financial acumen to develop and deliver on commercial plans.
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