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  1. Key Responsibilities: 1. Plan and execute strategy for Technical SEO, SEO Onpage, and SEO Off Page optimization 2. Revamp all of web content to be more SEO Friendly 3. Consistency indexing and optimizing keyword performance 4. Monitoring competitor activity regarding SEO 5. Improve average time on site and minimize bounce rate on the website 6. Increase organic traffic for website regularly 7. Regularly generate insight from current data to optimize performance Requirements: 1. Bachelor degree in Media/Journalism/Communication or related field with 3-5 years experience in startup company, health industry, e-commerce, or agency 2. Strong organizational, interpersonal, and time management skills 3. Highly creative, great attention to detail, and passionate about creating great content 4. Proven experience in handling SEO On Page, Off Page, and Technical 5. Good understanding of SEO techniques, tools, and metrics. 6. Good time-management skills, interpersonal, and communication skills 7. Critical thinker and problem-solving skills
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