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  1. Key Responsibilities: 1. Plan, manage, execute, and monitoring all digital paid ads channel such as: Google Ads, FB Ads, IG Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and others 2. Consistency doing campaign optimization based on insight data and trends 3. Manage communication with multiple vendors and third-party trackers in order to achieve campaign objective 4. Plan and execute A-B test campaign to optimize campaign performance 5. Monitoring budget allocation to reach maximum KPI while keeping lower CPC/CPL 6. Suggest new digital channels that have the potential to increase new user numbers in an efficient way. Requirements: 1. Bachelor degree in Marketing/Business or related field with 3-5 years experience in startup company, health industry, e-commerce, or agency 2. Strong organizational, interpersonal, and time management skills 3. Proven track record of optimizing paid ads campaigns from multichannel 4. Have strong knowledge about digital channel, optimization strategy, and tools related to paid ads 5. Solid verbal and written communication skills, both in Bahasa and English
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