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  1. Responsibilities: 1. Define business requirements for new services and formulate ways for business practice and performance to improve 2. Produce an optimal price points for every product and services 3. Advicing price strategies &/ monetization scenarios that cater to revenue goals & target market (B2B & B2C) including doing some price experiments to test the assumptions 4. Collaborate with relevant team/departements to produce pricing insights through customer survey, competitor tracking, sales patterns , - and provide strategies for improvement. 5. Validate sales quotations for accuracy and profitability and assist sales team with tools/materials needed for them to handle pricing negotiations of client's proposals 6. Responsible to coordinating, maintain, and regularly update a price database to the products created by the company 7. Collaborate with related teams to perform cost analysis including but not limited to marketing cost, inventory cost, and production cost. Requirement & Qualifications: 1. Experience working as a Business Analyst &/or Pricing Analyst in healthcare, hospitality, or retail -multi product company at least 2+ years 2. Familiar with database management, back-office and billing systems 3. In-depth knowledge for business numbers and familiar with statistics and data analysis 4. Strongly attention to detail 5. A customer-centric work approach 6. Good negotiations and problem solving skills 7. Bachelor’s degree in quantitative subjects is a plus
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