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  1. Responsibilities: 1. Manage the entire end to end process for coordinating, tracking, and reporting on telehealth services to ensure meeting all required objectives including but not limited to cost, quality, efficient utilization of resources and timeliness. 2. Participate in processes required for the creation and distribution for new telehealth product variations. 3. Manage day-to-day clinical & non-clinical operations; responsible for problem solving and providing quality care. Key Duties: 1. Continuously design and create plans of action that improve reliability and patient safety in the telehealth services delivery process while ensuring that quality of care deliveries are consistent 2. Facilitates smooth collaboration with service providers partners & vendors, oversees the onboarding activities during go-live process and advising data operation team claims dispute resolution if happened. 3. Day-to-day management of all care coordinators and telehealth practitioners in delivering outstanding & compassionate care to patients, 4. Ensures that every care deliveries are under the supervision and direction of practice managers and accountable for practitioners adherences to KP policies, approved best practices, and regulatory requirements 5. Oversee recruitment, hiring, and training of new telehealth practitioners and ensure legal & competency verification is completed 6. Establishing policies and procedures that support high-quality healthcare service, in partnership with medical teams, product teams, customer services teams, and other related structures. 7. Mitigate and optimally manage medical and operational risk, assists in evaluations, conflict and complaint resolution. Requirement & Qualifications: 1. Require 2-3 years experience on coordinating health practitioners including doctors, nurses, or other health practitioners 2. Experiences working in the areas of healthcare planning and health product line management in medical tech or healthcare industry is preferred 3. Minimum 1 year working experience in managing care service / program especially in telehealth care service is preferred 4. Demonstrated leadership skills 5. Strong customer service oriented 6. Assertive and entrepreneurial personality communication skills 7. Proficient in behavioral documentation and quickly analyzing a situation 8. Demonstrate highly compassionate person 9. Self-motivated who enjoyed working with minimum supervisor 10. Bachelor's degree in health area is preferred
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