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  1. We are looking for a talented Software Engineer (In Operations) who will working together collaboratively with Tech Team and Operations Team. In our Tech team, you'll hadling project for feature development, maintenance, and integrations. While, in our Ops team you'll have the functionality to build MVP using low code tools as well as improving clinic experience. Reporting to Chief Technology Officer you will be responsible for: develop and maintain our clinic management system using PHP and NodeJS, support clinic's PIC in using our clinic management system, and build MVP for new service using low code tools. Key Duties: 1. Have sufficient knowledge of Laravel PHP to be able to understand our system behaviour, solve problems, and correctly identify parts of the system responsible for technical support issues. 2. Establish a good relationship with the clinic's PIC. Gather feedback periodically and handle errors gracefully. 3. Support product/business team in validating their hypothesis by building prototypes. 4. Create a stable and scalable system by adding API/UI tests for new changes. 5. Work in a cross-functional project team to ensure a multitude of systems integrate efficiently. 6. Maintain and create good documentation for a better knowledge transfer in a remote team. Requirements & Qualifications: 1. Good communication skills as you will communicate with clinic’s PIC frequently 2. Proficiency working with Laravel (at least 3 years of experiences) 3. 2 years of experiences in database technology such as MySQL and MongoDB 4. Working knowledge of other programming languages/frameworks (Javascript, NodeJS, and VueJS) is a plus 5. Love to research new tools for improvement 6. Strong attention to details 7. Have the passion and dedication to write highly reliable code 8. Team player who love to teach others about cool new tricks you learned and absorb tips and tricks from developers; love solving problems as a team across platforms 9. Having experience in medical-tech or healthcare is preferred. 10. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in Computer Science or related field is advantageous
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